FP7 calls open during the summer :

call identifier

Exp. publication Date

Expected Deadline

Budget for the last call


26 July 2011

17 Jan 2012

EUR 778 500 000


July 2011


EUR 240 270 000


20 July 2011

Oct - Dec 2011

EUR 160 500 000


30 July 2011

Dec 2011

EUR 85 500 000


19 July 2011

25 Oct 2011

EUR 126 400 000


19 July 2011

1 Dec 2011

EUR 121 300 000


16 March 2011

11 August 2011



July 2011


EUR 15 000 000

Prepare yourself and learn more about FP7 from finding a call to submission at our courses: FP7 Proposal Development Course (16-17 May, 2011 - Budapest) Writing a strong and original project proposal is more complicated that you may think. This 2-day interactive training could help you to get practical information on how to successfully develop FP7 projects from scratch. Linked to the FP7 Financial and Project Management course (19-20 May) you will learn about all aspects of proposal development and project management as well. More information is available in the brochure attached and at www.eutrainingsite.com/94 FP7 - European Summer Academy course (4-8 July 2011 - Lake Balaton) This all-inclusive training is held by experts coordinating several FP7 projects developed by themselves. The practical information obtained from these sessions guide the participants through the entire lifecycle of a research project, from call identification to post-project audits to succeed in the new programmes of EU funding. Details are available at www.eutrainingsite.com/102 Please feel free to forward this invitation to your colleagues, if they are also interested in FP7, and let me know, if you have any questions regarding! Best regards Melinda --- Ms. Melinda Lantos Event Coordinator EUtrainingsite.com

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