Authors and Referees of APS Physical Review/Physical Review Letters Journals

These are just some of the many positive comments we have received from the thousands of researchers
who have discovered Physics (, APS's new, free, weekly publication.
In Physics you'll find original commentary on exceptional papers from Physical Review Letters and the Physical
Review series.
Expert-written commentaries, called "Viewpoints", place selected PRL/PR papers in context and add explanatory
"Trends" provide a concise overview of an area of research which is of high, topical interest.

Have a look at some of the many interesting features in Physics:

- The primordial power spectrum revisited, by Carlos Barcelo

- Light finds a way through the maze, by John Pendry

- The end of the world at the Large Hadron Collider?, by Michael Peskin

- From atoms to molecules (and back), by Simon Cornish

- Pile on the metal, by Dung-Hai Lee

- High-temperature superconductivity in the iron pnictides, by Michael R. Norman

- Ultracold neutral plasmas, by Steven L. Rolston

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