Plasma physics and high-power electronics division

Diamond Electronics Laboratory

Diamond Electronics Laboratory was created in year 2013 in Institute of Applied Physics, Russian Academy of Science. Main directions of research activity are:

• CVD synthesis of mono and polycrystalline diamond films
• Development of a high-speed deposition method of polycrystalline diamond films in high-density plasma generated by millimeter-wave band microwave radiation
• Study of the physical properties of the diamond films
• Synthesis of semiconductor CVD diamond
• Development of solid-state electronic, acousto-electronic and optic devices based on diamond films
• Laser cutting and mechanical polishing of diamond materials

Since 2013, the laboratory carries out the project "Semiconductor CVD diamond for high-power and high-frequency electronic devices" under supervision of a leading scientist Dr. James E. Butler, who together with the IAP won in a grant competition, performed in a frame of the Russian Federation Government decree 220 (Stage 3). James E. Butler is a recognized expert in the field of chemical vapor deposition of nano-, poly- and monocrystalline diamond. From 1972 to 2010, during his work  in the division of gas and surface dynamics of the Naval Research Laboratory, USA, he obtained a number of fundamental results in the field of CVD diamond synthesis and application. He is an author or co-author for more than 260 publications.

The project is implemented in the Federal State Institution of Science "Institute of Applied Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences" (IAP) with the involvement of a large number of employees of the Federal State Institution of Higher Professional Education "Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University ("LETI")". Laboratory staff with the employees of both IAP and LETI counts to more than 50 people, including 9 doctors of science, 21 candidates of science and 7 graduate students. IAP has extensive experience and infrastructure in field of CVD diamond synthesis, LETI - in design and manufacture of wide-bandgap electronic devices.

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