Vodopyanov Alexander
D.Sci, Head of the Plasma physics department
Institute of Applied Physics of Russian Academy of Sciences, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

1993 - 1999    
Nizhny Novgorod State University, Advanced School of General and Applied Physics,
1999-2003 Institute of Applied Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, postgraduate course in "Plasma Physics"
2005 PhD Thesis “The features of the high-current sources of multiply charged ions based on ECR discharge”, Advisor: Prof. S.V. Golubev
2016 doctoral thesis «Electron - cyclotron resonance discharge supported by millimeter radiation: physical bases and applications»

Professional career:
2017 – present , Head of plasma department
2013 – present, Head of a applied plasma  laboratory
2008 – 2013, Senior research scientist 
2005 – 2008, Research scientist 
1999 – 2005, Junior research scientist
1997 – 1999, Senior lab assistant

The author of more than 100 scientific works
The author of 4 patents, has repeatedly participated in international scientific conferences with invited papers, is the scientific supervisor of students and graduate students, has been teaching  at Nizhny Novgorod State University since 2007, in 2006 he was awarded the RAS Medal for Young Scientists

The most significant papers and results:

Production of Nanopowders by the Evaporation–Condensation Method Using Millimeter and Subterahertz Radiation

Source for extreme ultraviolet lithography based on plasma sustained by millimeter-wave gyrotron radiation

Nonstationary Generation of Electromagnetic Radiation in Nonequilibrium Mirror-Confined Plasma

Plasma enhanced growth of GaN single crystalline layers from Ga vapour

Laboratory Modeling of Nonstationary Processes in Space Cyclotron Masers

Growing InN films by plasma-assisted metalorganic vapor-phase epitaxy on Al2O3 and YSZ substrates in plasma generated by gyrotron radiation under electron cyclotron resonance conditions

High current density production of multicharged ions with ECR plasma heated by gyrotron transmitter

Multiple ionization of metal ions by ECR heating of electrons in vacuum arc plasmas

High Current Density Ion Beam Formation from Plasma of ECR Discharge

Generation of multiply charged refractory metals in an electron-cyclotron resonant discharge in a direct magnetic trap

He2+ Source Based on Penning-Type Discharge with Electron Cyclotron Resonant Heating by Millimeter Waves

Experimental investigations of silicon tetrafluoride decomposition in ECR discharge plasma