Savilov Andrey Vladimirovich,
Leading researche, D.Sci.

Born in 1968, married, has a daughter


  • 1992 – graduated from Nizhny Novgorod State University .
  • 1996 – received Ph.D. (Candidate) Degree in physics and mathematics
  • 2004 - received D.Sci Degree in physics and mathematics

Scope of professional interests:
Relativistic high-power electronics, electron masers.

Professional Employment:
Institute of Applied Physics RAS (Dept. of High-frequency relativistic electronics) - Leading Researcher.

Awards, prizes, grants:

  • Medal and Prize of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1999) for the series of work “Theoretical and experimental study of powerful free-electron masers” (together with Drs. N.Yu. Peskov and S.V. Samsonov).
  • The President Grant, grants of RFBR, INTAS, CRDF, Russian Science Support Foundation.

Publications: about 100