Multilayer interference structures and fiber optics

Thin-film interference coatings are synthesized and deposited in the spectral range from 240 nm to 13 mcm. These include the following films:

  • antireflecting coatings for one or several wavelengths, including broadband films;
  • high-reflectivity coatings, including the ones with given reflection coefficient;
  • filters (edge, band-pass, narrow-band filters) and spectrum splitters;
  • split coatings, including nonpolarizing ones;
  • polarizing coatings.

Vacuum equipment for thin-film deposition

Fiber-optical elements are developed and fabricated using polished single-mode fibers (PANDA type isotropic and anisotropic fibers):

  • polarizers with high extinction coefficient and loss less than 0.1 dB at the wavelengths of 0.85 mcm, 0.98-1.06 mcm, 1.3-1.35 mcm, and 1.5-1.6 mcm;
  • spitters with splitting factor varying from 1/99 to 50/50;
  • multiplexers and demultiplexers.

Fiber-optical elements