V. I. Turchin . Introduction to modern theory of signal parameter estimation

The book is based on materials of the special course for undergraduates of the NNSU radiophysical faculty. It is devoted to methods of mathematical statistics in application to practical problems of signal processing in radars and sonars, remote sensing, etc. Distinctive features of the present edition are maximum conformity of the presentation with that employed in modern publications (for example, in IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing), exclusion of needless technical realities and the so-called ôpure engineeringö, and brevity of the presentation. Main attention has been given to problems of finding numerical parameters, such as bearing, frequency, etc., using signal sample in the presence of additive Gaussian interferences.

The book is intended for undergraduates and postgraduates specializing in the field of radiophysics, for engineers-developers of systems providing numerical signal processing and for radio physics- experimenters.